Head Corridor

Head Corridor is a maze for the head.
Head Corridor may be thought of as architecture.
It is intended that Head Corridor reminds you of other spaces.
The spectator is invited to enter Head Corridor.
The work is immersive as long as you stand upright.
Spectators have to negotiate access in head corridor with other spectators ie, work out a strategy to experience the work.
To duck out of Head Corridor is to leave the work.
From outside the work it is possible to view other spectators experiencing the work but impossible to experience the work itself.
Other spectators are therefore re-cast as performers.
Head corridor is formed by a series of inverted u-section conduits. These units are arranged in relation to the exhibition space.
Animated bands of colour are projected into the units to trace and describe the interior contours of the space.
The piece was made in the studio - it is, we might say, process video.
Although general effects were anticipated, the video was created entirely in relation to the form of the units and the form of the units matched to the proportions of the projected image.
Each version of Head Corridor records one set of possible moves in its construction and installation.

(catalogue statement)

Head Corridor was first shown as part of the group show Gymnasion, at Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria in July 2001. It was later shown at Platform, London, in November 2001.







From top:

Installing Head Corridor at Platform, London, November 2001.

Head Corridor (detail)

Head Corridor (detail)

Platform, London (private view)

(photos. courtesy of John Goto)