A work-in-progress exploring the similarities and differences between the 'virtual' environment of a 3D modelling software and the physical environment or architecture formed by the installation.

Exhibited at University of Central Lancashire, Preston, 2001.

"Our current work emerges out of studio based research projects which explore the dynamics of the moving image, the condition of the mobile spectator and the relationship between the virtual camera and the physical projector.
We are working to produce simple immersive environments in which the mobile spectator encounters the architectural qualities of the projected video image. By using computer generated architectural modelling programmes we are exploiting the differences and similarities between screen space and real space. The work employs these modelling programmes to create physically impossible multiple camera movements that are recreated as an image world in the gallery. The resulting installation is then experienced by the spectator as a dynamic environment of projected images that enfold and swirl around the viewer".

Statement for the conference 'The Digital Aesthetic', University of Central Lancashire and The Harris Museum, November 2001.







From top:

Studio set-up, 2001.

Diagram of installation showing screen positions