Thirteen Cameras

This series of drawings was made in the studio at the Irish Museum of Modern Art as part of the Artists Work Programme between June and October 2002.

One from the series of six was first shown in the Museum's Process Room as works in progress.

Two further drawings were later shown as part of 'Permaculture', a group show at Project in Dublin, in February 2003.

The drawings are copies, in coloured pencil on paper, of views from the 3D modelling application used to create Prism. The views, which typically would appear as windows named Front, Back, Left, Right etc., show the co-ordinates of the points-of-view from which video frames of the 3D animation are rendered. The software represents these points in space with a 3D 'camera' icon and its field of view. All thirteen cameras occupy the same point in space. They are each positioned with their centres at the co-ordinates - zero X, Y, and Z

The drawings play on a notion of drawing as a process of looking by choosing to look at a subject which is neither a material thing nor a an actual space, and in fact could never occur in the physical world. Instead the drawings are of something which is already an image, and an image which, despite its beauty, only serves as a tool or handle with which to act - elsewhere, and on something entirely intangible.

Given the painstaking process of making them the drawings also represent a slow, hand-made and 'low tech.' activity in contrast to their calculated, computed and 'high tech.' subject matter.







From top:

Thirteen Cameras (left)

Thirteen Cameras (right)

Installation view, as part of 'Permaculture' at Project, Dublin, February 2003.