Untitled Floor Piece

A one off piece, specific to the gallery space and obliterated at the end of the show.

Years of accumulated dirt, grease and paint was ground out of the surface of a cedar wood block floor of a large warehouse space to create the illusion of sunlight falling through the adjacent windows.

A very simple idea which in fact demanded a very labour intensive process to produce it. The apparent ephemerality of the work belied the hard graft that had gone into it's making.

Many visitors to the show didn't notice the work as it merged with the sunlight cast on the floor. Many simply walked across it wondering why that side of the space was apparently not being used by the show. This did not seem out of keeping with the work.

The work was made for Quotidian, June 1999, at The Paper Bag Factory in Deptford, London. The show was curated by Julia Lancaster/graft and included Linsay Seers, Heather Deedman and Helen Maurer.







Two installation views, The Paper Bag Factory, London, June 1999.